Inclusive Diversity at Yahoo

Yahoo, with more than one billion unique users across the world each month, has a distinct opportunity to leverage the power of our platforms to advance inclusion and diversity at the company, and across the tech industry. We recognize that building an inclusive and diverse workplace is more than a theoretical goal. It’s a mission-critical business imperative that we must address with the same level of urgency and commitment that we apply to other strategic initiatives.

In the second quarter of 2016, we established the Office of Inclusive Diversity, led by Margenett Moore-Roberts, to help galvanize and align efforts around these initiatives. The team works across the organization to develop strategies to help ensure we have the right set of perspectives represented across our corporate community to effectively serve our broad and varied user base. We are focused on leveraging the power of inclusion and diversity to unlock and maximize value for our users, our advertisers, and, ultimately, our company.

Early focus for the Office of Inclusive Diversity has been on assessing and diagnosing current culture, and on fortifying the Yahoo-specific business case for inclusion and diversity. A Strategic Inclusive Diversity Council has been formed to identify and drive inclusion-related initiatives, including defining corporate values, success metrics and new business practices that optimize inclusion. Work is being done to restructure key processes to maximize pipeline flow for underrepresented groups and ensure hiring, promotion and retention programs are fully-inclusive. Employee focused programs have been established to increase understanding about inclusive diversity and how to use that knowledge to positively impact our business.

We are proud to have been recognized in 2015-2016 for our strides in paving the way for gender equality (Watermark Index Award winner), for being a best place to work for LGBTQ employees (scoring 100% on Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index for the tenth year in a row), for being a best place to work for parents (named by Elle Magazine and, and by being named as an employer whose work significantly impacts communication access for people with hearing loss (receiving the National Access Award by the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)).

Our 2016 Diversity Report

In-line with current industry practice, our 2016 Diversity report shares data for gender on a global basis, and data for race/ethnicity for the U.S. only. Beyond these metrics, Yahoo fully embraces additional dimensions of diversity, including people with disabilities, military veterans, the LGBTQ community, diverse religions, working parents and other groups that have traditionally been underrepresented in corporate environments.

As of June 2016, women make up 37% of Yahoo’s global overall workforce. Whites and Asians make up 89% of the total U.S. workforce, while Blacks, Hispanics, Multi-racials, and Others (Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, Pacific Islanders) make up the remaining 11%.

We have strong female representation in our non-Technical workforce, 56% globally, and we’re focused on the opportunity to increase the representation of women in our Technical and Leadership categories. We are also focused on increasing racial and ethnic diversity across all workforce categories in order to ensure we have a deep and authentic understanding of the diverse audiences our advertisers want to reach. We have a clear opportunity to increase representation for these groups in order to better inform, connect, and entertain these audiences.

We remain committed to sharing updates on the progress we make toward our goal of cultivating a corporate community that reflects the broad and varied perspectives of the world we aspire to serve.

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About Yahoo’s Office of Inclusive Diversity:

The Office of Inclusive Diversity (OID) is a newly established strategic business unit at Yahoo. Our charter is to advance diversity as a mission-critical business imperative for Yahoo.


Margenett Moore-Roberts, Yahoo’s Head of Inclusive Diversity
Margenett Moore-Roberts is Yahoo’s Head of Inclusive Diversity


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